Hi Vis Jacket

Each of our riders needs a hi-visibility jacket to ensure they are seen on the road.

Cost: £70.00


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit and fire extinguisher are needed for each bike in case of an emergency.

Cost: £25.00


Petrol Costs

It requires £800 of petrol per month to keep our bikes on the road, without fuel we cannot survive.

Cost: Ongoing


Satellite Navigation

To help our riders find the best routes between hospitals, as well as being able to give an idea of their ETA.

Cost: £300

Blank promotion gift

Promo Items

They create awareness and also a smile! Everyone likes a free gift.

Cost: Varies


Display Marquee

We need a new Marquee to house our displays when we are fundraising in all weathers.

Cost: £1,200



Our bikes costs £700 per year each to insure. It’s an essential cost to keep us on the road.

Cost: £700

Blood Bike

Without bikes we can’t deliver urgently needed blood and medical supplies to the NHS Trusts.

Cost: £15,000

Collection Tubs

We are always in need of these, we place them in shops, hotels, in fact anywhere.

£2.50 each


Promotional Media

We hand out promotional material at events and to our clients, costs vary.

Cost: Varies



Should the worst happen, a tracker helps to get us back on the road ASAP.

Cost: £200


Road Tax

Our road tax (Vehicle Exise Duty) is another ongoing cost that has to be paid, per bike, per annum.

Cost: £80